The Reality of Spiritual Warfare

In the worldview of Christianity one of the primary themes of theology is the battle between good and evil. God’s sovereignty and goodness is challenged by a spiritual being of immense power opposed to Him who we know as Satan. Sometimes, though, that battle is made out to be more metaphorical than real. I have become convinced that this in itself is actually a tactic used by Satan. If he can get us to believe he doesn’t really exist then he has a foothold he can exploit. Based on my experiences over the last 7 months or so I can say with certainty that Satan does exist as an intelligent and powerful being.

Starting last June my wife and I have made some extraordinary strides in faith, and with each of those steps we have been challenged by our wiley enemy. In June we made a trip to Hawaii for some family business, during which my wife ended up in the hospital twice for pneumonia. Coming home, two weeks later she broke her ankle in three places. Surgery and a difficult recovery followed, while I had a more’than-full plate at my secular job. My 91 year old aunt, living in Hawaii and whom we had just visited, was admitted to the hospital and spent several weeks in Rehab. Shortly afterward I made the decision that I needed to leave my employment and sought another position. I accepted a position in November but before I was able to start things came to a head at my workplace and I was forced to leave before I was quite ready to do so.

I don’t want to sound like I am looking for sympathy here, the point is that during this time frame we were hit time and again by an Enemy who knew just how to strike.

The good news is this. Satan, though powerful, is a created being and is finite. Our God is infinite. He promises us in Romans 8:28 that He will bring good out of anything that happens to us. Anything. Satan stands defeated before he begins. So, although I had to suspend this blog, and we have a few more scars (literally in the case of my wife), our faith is stronger than it has ever been.

To God be the glory!

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