Top 2 Tech Tools for Bivopastors

tabletOne of those interesting mental exercises we perform every so often involves the question, “If you were stranded on a desert island and could take only one <blank> with you…” .  Sometimes it is “book”, sometimes a person, sometimes a tool.  So to expand on this, if you could have only one tech tool with you to help in your bivocational ministry, what would it be?  For the purposes of a bivocational pastor they should be portable, discreet and sufficiently broad in application as to make their use anywhere a possibility.  Here are a couple ideas to get you started.

A Smart Phone.  The smart phone, regardless of operating system, has to be the top contender for the title of most useful single tool for the bivocational pastor.  It is a veritable Swiss Army knife of  ministry tools.  I use my LG G3 phone (Android) to take notes during meetings, use it as a personal and church calendar, update the church website and post news and pictures to our Facebook site.  I also use it for email, take attendance using, read my daily devotions through, study for my sermon using online resources and listen to worship music in preparation for Sunday Worship.  I have been known to hook it up to our sound system to play prelude music for our Sunday service, and once I used it to play sound effects for a skit we were using during the morning service.  I have used it to locate addresses and get directions when doing visitation. Oh, yes, and I use it to send texts and make phone calls to our people!  The uses for a good smart phone are almost limitless in bivocational ministry.  It allows you to perform many ministry tasks almost without regard to time or location.

A tablet.  Many of the same functions that can performed on a phone can be done better on a tablet.  Reading is more comfortable on a tablet and with a good word processing package it is possible to use the tablet as a substitute for a laptop or a desktop PC.  Moreover, you can use your tablet to remote into a PC and have the full power of a Desktop PC available to you anywhere you can access a WiFi connection.  The one thing most tablets cannot do is be used like a phone to call and text people (caveat…some tablets CAN do these functions, but most do not).  For ease of use I recommend selecting a tablet of at least 10 inches, for portability you might want to select a 7 or 8 inch tablet.  I use both depending on circumstances.  For typing convenience equip it with a Bluetooth keyboard and cover with a stand.

These are my top two picks for tech tools.  Do you have others?  If so, please share your experience and choices!

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